2nd CATI Bath CC Evening Time Trial

16 Jul , 2014  


The second of this year’s come-and-try-it evening club ten mile time trials on the UC361R Frome bypass was held last night. Nigel and Alison Vuagniaux organised the event. It was a busy night for Nigel as he also put up signs for the event, held up the riders at the start and rode the event well.

It had been fairly cloudy for most of the day, with the occasional hint of light rain. However it was a warm, slightly humid evening with light winds. As in there previous event, the wind helped more on the outward leg and slightly hindered on the return leg.

A total of nineteen riders arrived to ride the event. A nearly 60% improvement on the previous event. Resulting in the timekeeper removing both socks to access enough digits to count in the riders.


Rider Club Time
—- —- —-
Alastair McChesney VC Bristol 21m 39s
Steve Cottington Cadence RT 21m 57s
Matt Ray Cadence RT 22m 53s
George Rowntree Bath CC 23m 24s
Nigel Vuagniaux Bath CC 24m 02s
Alex Muse Bath CC 24m 28s
Rob Stone BAD Tri 24m 36s
Darren Edwards Bath CC 24m 54s
Tom Ryan Bath CC 25m 37s
Tony Thorne Bath CC 26m 29s
Pete Wilson Bath CC 27m 48s
Richard Newman BAD Tri 28m 34s
Alison Vaugniaux Bath CC 28m 54s
Lindsay Jacobs CATI [1] 29m 48s
Teresa Jacobs CATI [1] 30m 00s
Howard Beavan CATI [1] 30m 08s
Joe Krige CATI [1] 32m 49s
Lisa Bennett CATI [1] 33m 16s
Alan Pickard Bath CC DNF (puncture)

[1] CATI is a “Come And Try It” rider.

Alan Pickard managed to puncture on the first lap of the course.
That’s the first time we’ve seen a DNF for a long time. Apart from that, it was a quick evening with many riders — Alastair McChesney, Steve Cottington, George Rowntree, Alex Muse, Alison Vuagniaux, Howard Beavan, etc — improving on their times from the evening event in May.

In a last event before jetting off to exotic climes, Tony Thorne clipped a minute off his time from the last event. However the improvement of the evening came from Teresa Jacobs who improved by over five minutes and recorded a time of exactly thirty minutes.

The final come-and-try-it evening club ten is in three week’s time, on Wednesday August the 6th at 7:00PM.

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