A Positive Message from a Visiting Rider

25 Apr , 2019  

Michael with Ben Nickolls post-ride at Chelsea Cafe

This was the message I received from a visiting cyclist who joined the chain gang on Saturday morning. Something to make us feel proud of our club. Things aren’t perfect, but we can take heart from all the good things that are happening.

“Hi Chris

Just a note to reiterate how much I loved my first ride-out with Bath CC today.

Having guest-ridden as a visitor with various clubs in both France and England, I know how cliquey and harrumphing some clubs can be when an outsider turns up hoping to join a ride. Not a bit of that in Bath. I love the fact that your website is so clear about when the clubs rides are, where they meet and what to expect in terms of average speeds/antler-locking/social aspects when you get there.

And sure enough, when I turned up at Cadence this morning, there was a healthy load of riders waiting to get going. People said hello. Nobody grimaced at my ill-matched togs. Someone (your President, I think) quickly helped me to establish in which group I might be best suited to ride. And – after a sound briefing about how we should ride – we were off.

What a bloody great ride it was. I love the fact that your ’not so quick’ group averages 35kmh over a couple of hours, with plenty of ups and downs thrown in. I don’t suppose a lot of clubs have such strength in depth. The 8 of us got a good rhythm going, with everyone contributing, and I just absolutely loved blasting through such beautiful countryside in the April sunshine with such a strong and amenable bunch of riders. Thank you so much: all of you.

The ride today just made me wish I was in Bath more often, and that I had found you guys sooner. You’re a bit, er, brave when it comes to junctions and traffic, mind you. I hope the motorists of Bath know what they’re up against, in daring to take you on.

Kudos to Bath CC: a great club, and an absolute pleasure – and honour – to ride with you guys.

Very best wishes,

Michael Wright”

Post by Chris Deane

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