Bath CC Racing on Zwift

30 Jan , 2020  

Bath CC’s first ever Virtual Team Race on Zwift was a resounding success. 8 of Bath’s finest riders signed up – Sam, Will, Darren and Paul in the A’s Alastair, Chris, Stuart and David in the B’s. After a group warm up we all managed to get to the start pen with no technical hitches – absolute miracle. Although David’s photo seemed to briefly interrupt Alistair’s internet. After the normal frantic start all 8 riders managed to stay in the front group, looking resplendent in their Bath/Road CC kit.

Watch highlights of the race here 

After the opening skirmishes the race settled down (if that’s what you call trundling along at 4W/kg). At the start of the 1st climb Darren attacked and the group splintered – the 4 A’s and David hung on – but Darren’s attack put the other B riders out the back. 2nd climb Darren attacks again – this time David succumbs. The A’s disappear up the road and work well together. David in a group of 3 is 34 seconds ahead of the chasing pack of Bs – at this point team tactics go out the window and David can see Alastair and Chris driving the chasing pack trying to close the gap. The seconds tick down 34 becomes, 30 then 24, then 20 and then with 6kms to go it’s less than 10. David sits up and waits for the inevitable regrouping. With 2 B’s still in the front group – its all about winning the sprint for the bronze medal – 2 A’s attack with 1.5kms to go – David attempts to go with them – but all he does is succeed in dragging the whole group with Chris and Alastair still in it back to them.
A bit of confusion with the countdown to the line means that Alistair misses the sprint and David just pips Chris for 4th place in the B’s. Up front Darren and Paul continue working for the Duffy’s to try and set them up for the win. Darren attacks at the bottom of each climb to force others to chase. Paul pushed 6w/kg at 600m to lead them out. Will took full advantage of his team and picked up the silver medal – Darren, Sam, and Paul finished 10th, 11th and 12th having done their work for the team.
Everyone finished with a smile on their faces and a great workout. David was told that he needed 62 hours rest before his next work out, Chris had a Gold breakthough on Xert and Darren headed to the couch for a post race blood transfusion. The Duffy’s calmly got off their bikes and walked away…..

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