Bath CC Road Racing Report – 2019

15 Nov , 2019  

Bath Cycling Club continued to be a force in both the local and national road racing scene, their 8th place and 218 regional points in the BC regional rankings hides the real impact that we have had throughout the season.  More than 20 club members have raced from the start of the season in the Odd Down winter league though to the final masters racing in Mallorca in October, some for the very first time.

The club is still part of the Cotswold League and organised a very successful road race on the tough Stowey circuit, a full field of 80 riders and their supporters all appreciated the hard work of the club in putting on one of the best organised races in the region.  The race attracted a very high quality field and was won by Hayden Burton who has been riding with the club since he was 15.

At a national level, a very special mention must go to Rob Pears who won the LVRC Criterium National Championship, the BC National Road Race championship, the BC National Crit Championship and the LVRC National Time Trial championship – 4 national champions jerseys in one season is an extraordinary achievement.  He also regained his 2nd cat license and got within 9 points of a 1st cat license – an incredible achievement at the age of 56.   Our chairman Andy Hicks won a silver medal in the LVRC National Criterium championship at Odd Down.   We have also had a number of Bath CC 2nd claim members riding in National A events with great success.  Charlie Shields rode in the Circuit of the Mendips and finished a very creditable 56th in one of the toughest rounds of the HSBC National Road series.  Miles, Hayden and Charlie all raced in the extremely tough and competitive Ryedale grand Prix and finished 11th, 20th and 38th respectively.

Closer to home Sam and Will Duffy, Hugh Gorton and Paul Allen all gained their 3rd cat license having started racing this year.  Will went onto get his 2nd cat license with some fine wins at Castle Combe.  Darren Gardner was a stalwart of the Cotswold League and entered and finished 7 of the 9 rounds.  The Bath CC Masters team dominated the PDQ Odd Down series winning both the individual and team prizes.  Hayden Burton won 2 rounds of the Cotswold League and came 2nd in another.  Sam Smith, Elliot Barrett, Hugh Gorton, Charlie Shields, Will Duffy and Sam Duffy all picked up wins in local crit races.

On the Womens side Philly Gaisford started her racing career at Odd Down, picking up points in all her races and eventually gaining her 3rd Cat License at the Big Hearted Day out at Odd Down.  She even took on the men at Castle Combe, racing in one of the rounds of the 3/4s.  Look forward to seeing her development in the 2nd season.

Bath CC Ex juniors have moved on to greater challenges, Nic Mckibin and Conor Chandler spent their year racing in Italy with Zappi U23 and will return next year.  Elliott Barrett raced for Bikestrong KTM and regularly competed in the National A criterium series with a best placed finish of 34th, he is off to Nopinz.  George Beck will be racing in France next year for team VCU SCHWENHEIM.  Charlie Shields has started at University but signed for Team PB Performance.  It’s great to see these riders take their passion for the sport that they gained at Bath and take it to a higher level.

In 2020 Bath will continue to be a member of the Cotswold league the road race is on the May 21st and continue to encourage riders to road race at all levels.  If you are interested in racing for Bath CC please contact me or turn up to a chain gang on Saturday morning.

Bath CC Club Members – 1st and 2nd Claim members

Regional Points for Club Total Points Number wins
1 Robert Pears 99 231 13
2 Hayden Burton 156 2
3 Miles Burton 150 2
4 Elliot Barratt 23 141 4
5 Charlie Shields 23 69 1
6 Will Duffy 6 53 1
7 Sam Duffy 2 37
8 Sam Smith 7 27 1
9 Hugh Gorton 21 21 1
10 David Stoyle 7 20
11 Duncan Lancashire 6 19
12 Gary Sheppard 15
13 Paul Allen 14 14
14 Darren Gardner 2 13
15 Steven Cottington 2 10
16 Martin MacDonald 5 5
17 David Atkinson 2 2
219 983 25

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