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13 Jan , 2016  

The Tempest Trophy was Presented to the Bath Cycling Club by Tristan Tempest Tempest, Esq. in commemoration of the Sixtieth Year of Her Majesty`s Reign, 1897. It is awarded at the discretion of the committee for an outstanding performance, with a bias towards longer distances. Tony Thorne has kindly transcribe the Bath Chronicle article from 1897 that documents the presentation.

There was a large gathering of members of the Bath Cycling Club at the “Full Moon Hotel” on Monday evening, when a magnificent trophy was presented to the Club by Mr. Tempest Tempest, who for several years has been a Vice President and generous friend of the Bath CC. Some weeks ago it was mentioned in the “Chronicle” that a gift of a challenge plate was to be made to the club, but the beauty and costliness of the present completely exceeded all anticipations.
The present consists of a massive silver salver with foliated border, richly chased and weighing 170ozs. 12wts. and twenty three inches in diameter,
And also a magnificent flagon standing fifteen inches high and is a copy of one captured from the Spanish Armada which is at Hampton Court. Both of the ornaments are of the best silver guilt, and look like solid gold, the design of the Flagon has been altered to the extent that a crown has been placed on the cover and this is encrusted with diamonds, emeralds and rubies. Both bear the Bath Arms and the following inscriptions;
Presented to the Bath Cycling Club by Tristan Tempest Tempest, Esq. in commemoration of the Sixtieth Year of Her Majesty`s Reign, 1897. They stand on crimson plush pedestal and a substantial chest has been made for their reception.
The conditions under which the trophy is to be ridden for are to be framed by the committee. This year, at all events, the competition will be restricted to members of the club. Although the Trophy will not be exhibited on Monday Mr. Tempest will present this year`s winner with a valuable gold medal bearing a figure of victory on one side and on the other the City coat of arms, with the inscriptions “The Jubilee Plate”
The Salver and Flagon were supplied by Messrs. Mallet & Son of Milsom Street.
The President {the Rev. J. Dunn} opened the proceedings.
Mr. Tempest Tempest, who was loudly applauded on rising, said that was the first time he had had the pleasure of speaking at any of the Club meetings, and he did so that night with particular pleasure because it afforded him the opportunity he desired of making a present to the Club in order to commemorate the Diamond Jubilee of Her Majesty {Applause}. The gold Plate they saw before them he hoped would tend to create a still more lively interest among future competitors, and perhaps they might bear in mind the object of his gift and value therefore. He felt highly gratified in supporting those who had honoured him with the post he held among them. He presented this “Jubilee Gold Plate” to the Bath Cycling Club to be their property for ever, and he had much pleasure in handing to the Trustees — Mr. Dunn, Mr. Frampton and Mr. Ellis, — the keys to the box { Cheers}
The President said though the duty which devolved on him was pleasant it was not easy, for he had to be the spokesman of the Club in returning to Mr. Tempest Tempest the thanks of the Club for the magnificent and beautiful gift { loud applause } The Club felt very much honoured and very highly gratified at being the recipient of such a present, given in such a manner and on such an occasion { applause }. They recognised in that presentation Mr. Tempest Tempest sense of the great event they were all celebrating this year, his desire to do honour in an adequate way to so great an event as the accomplishment of Her Majesty’s Diamond Jubilee { applause } They recognised the public which had caused Mr. Tempest Tempest to commemorate Her Majesty`s Reign in this way, and also his true sportsmanlike spirit in giving the present to a cycling club for the promotion of sport among the members, {more applause} Of the beauty of the gift itself he scarcely felt qualified to speak, it was one of the most handsome and beautiful pieces of plate he had ever seen anywhere, {more applause} He did not suppose there was any Club in England that possessed anything half as beautiful or a quarter so valuable, but he thought that which they valued most of all was the kindly spirit towards the Club that Mr. Tempest Tempest had so often evinced before, and which he showed in such a very marked manner in making them the recipients of the Jubilee gift {loud cheers}. The Club incurred great responsibility in accepting that gift. How they should take adequate care of it he did not know, but he had no doubt they would devise means to guard it, and it would be their pride to bring it forth on various occasions. A gift like that secured life to a Club in a way nothing else would. Probably a hundred years hence there would be a Club in Bath who would produce that gift and say it was presented to the Bath Cycling Club in commemoration of Queen Victoria`s Record Reign.


List of Known Recent Winners
1962 Chris Holloway, Bristol South
1964 Derrek Green, Kingswood RC
1965 Roger Claridge, Kingswood RC
1973 John Fisher, Bath CC
1982 .A.Thorne. Club Record “25” 55-04 & Club Record “50” 1-52-50
1986 Janet Wilson. Ladies 12Hr. Club Record 222.242 Miles
1987 Peter Wilson. 24Hr. Club Record 441.048 Miles
1993 Janet Wilson. Nat. Vets. 24hr. record. 366.04 miles
1998 A.Thorne.Nat.Vets 12hr. team champs & West VTTA best all-rounder.
1999 Rob Macmillan a “50” time of 1-49-57
2000 Rob & Gillian Pears. For performances in World Tri. Champs.
2001 Not Awarded
2002 Not Awarded
2003 Andy Curran, for his ride in Paris-Brest-Paris
2004 Not Awarded
2005 A.Thorne. For time trial performances with PB`s at 10 & 25 miles
2006 R.Pears, setting new club records at 10, 25&30 miles, and several course records.
2007 Not Awarded
2008 Derek Fisher. Lands End-John`o`Groats-Lands End.
2009 Peter Wilson. Awarded for winning the national Vets 100 mile champioship
2010 Not awarded
2011 R.Pears. For outstanding time trial performances.
2012 R.Pears. For outstanding time trial performances
2013 Gillian Pears. Club records at 10;25;30 miles
2014 Leon Boulton. Road race performances
2015 David Stoyle Completing 350 miles and 10,500m of climbing in 24 hrs

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