Bath Cycling Club Awards Dinner

13 Jan , 2016  


The Bath CC Annual awards dinner was held at the Bath Cricket Club on Friday 8th Jan. The trophy winners from left to right are Simon Ker, James Cartridge, Darren Edwards, Alastair McChesney, Gary Sheppard, David Stoyle, Aileen Brown, Liz Matthews, Hayden Burton, Nigel Vaugniaux, Alison Vaugniaux, Charlie Shields, Jez Ash

Days before the event, with everything sorted, our President Brian Turner who was to be presenting the awards and had prepared a speech full of personal insights was called into hospital. Step up our chairman Simon Hodgson. Only those who were there will understand the amusement created by Simon speaking Brian’s words (even the edited version)’. We are still speculating about the jokes Simon edited out.

And so to next year. Judging by all the positive feedback, everyone had a great night and the caterers provided excellent food in cyclist’s size portions. I have therefore booked the Cricket club for Saturday 14th January 2017. The slightly later date will be that we won’t have to confirm final numbers before Christmas.


Full List of Trophy winners

Youth Champion Charlie Shields
Junior RR cup Haydon Burton
Cyclo Cross Cub Jez Ash
Lez Vince men’s club circuit champ Odd Down Simon Ker
Women’s club circuit champ Odd Down Liz Matthews
Ron Woodham Road Race Points Shield Gary Sheppard
1st. Handicap in the best 6 Tens Competition Darren Edwards
S. Lewin 25 Mile Championship Cup Darren Edwards
Arthur Curtis shallow Bowl for best RR Result James Cartridge
The Hill Climb Champion James Cartridge
Ladies 25 Mile Champion Alison Vaugniaux
Ladies BAR Alison Vaugniaux
The Barrar Cup for Best All Rounder 2015 Nigel Vuagniaux
Mrs. Perry 100 mile Cup Nigel Vuagniaux
Vets BAR Alastair McChesney
S.Coombs 50 Mile championship Cup Alastair McChesney
Pete Mortimer Short B.A.R. Cup Alastair McChesney
Morley Brice Points Shield Alastair McChesney
Jack Lauterwasser Bowl best 6 Tens. Alastair McChesney
George Carter 25 trophy Alastair McChesney
Roye Wheeler Cup for fastest 25 Alastair McChesney
The Tony Mitchell Shield. Best on stnd. in open 25 Alastair McChesney

Tempest Trophy for Outstanding Performances David Stoyle
The Meritorious Service Cup. Aileen Brown
Simon Hudson Trophy for Clubman of the Year. Andy Greenham
Mike Hurley Cup for Best on Std. in the open 10 Tom Ryan

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