Confessions of a Zwift Addict

26 Mar , 2019  

Written by Chris Deane

A 200km ride on a turbo. Who would possibly want to do that?
A confession first which will annoy indoor cycling haters. I love Zwift.
I’ve been hooked since the ridiculously wet August of 2017. I prefer to ride outdoors in real life (IRL), but if it’s too wet, too cold, too dark, too late, too early, I’ll jump on the turbo and login to Zwift.
Once you add injury in to the mix, it’s a further reason to stay in the relative comfort and safety of the garage. I broke my right fibula and a small bone in my ankle at the end of January when the front wheel of my bike disappeared from under me during a cyclocross race at Hartham Park near Corsham. I’ve only just ventured out again on my road bike after 8 weeks of self-imposed exile. During that time I’ve racked up thousands of km of rides on Zwift of varying distances and types and recently topped 204km on a Saturday morning spin around the Watopia roads with around 50 other die-hards.
If you haven’t yet given it a go, or aren’t convinced, below I’ve listed some tips to make the experience more accessible and friendly.
• Start with a budget set up; you don’t need new expensive equipment to start.
• Join team group rides. It’s a social experience. That’s what makes you motivated.
• Join a team. Get involved with their Facebook group. You don’t have to race.
• Find other Bath CC members on Zwift. Arrange meet-ups via the Companion app.
• Do a race. It’s mad, especially the start. And as hard as you want to make it.
• Don’t worry about your fitness or power compared to others; it’s just a game.
• Try a workout. Find out your FTP and increase it. Or don’t bother. I don’t.
• As GambleAware says, ‘When the fun stops, stop’. There’s no point if you’re not enjoying it.
If any member would like a hands-on trial, please get in touch with me. I’ll be really happy to open up my pain cave to show you what all the media fuss is about.

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