First Ever Virtual Club Ride

12 Nov , 2019  

View of ride leader’s back wheel

Ride leader’s log: 11 November 2019 1930 hours

Location:               Desert Flats, Watopia
In attendance:      Deane, Chris. Duffy, Will. Barfoot-Brace Kim. Brace, Simon. Howard, David. Stoyle, David
Mission:                 To complete 60 minutes ride on a turbo trainer as members of Bath Cycling Club around the                                           foothills of Watopia, to boldly go where no Bath CC group has gone before…
Well, that’s enough of that. Back to reality. Let’s just say it was an experiment that may have a future.

After losing David Howard after about 5 seconds (a record even for you, Dave!) and Dave Stoyle who simply turned up to wave us off (apparently in Monte Carlo on his phone, but not on a trainer), we set off along the flat roads not really knowing what was happening. All four riders who were left made polite conversation, except the Brace’s. The pair brought their domestic humour to the chat in a rather ‘unsavoury’ manner!

Meanwhile, Will was showing us his sprinting prowess clocking 14 Watts / kg. Little did he realise that the mere mortals around him were power equalised so the harder he pushed the closer we got to him. If only that could happen in real life (IRL).

Sadly, after 30 minutes the bail excuses started to come in thick and fast, leaving your intrepid ride leader to forge his way solo to the end, in the process reaching the holy grail of Zwifters, level 50. This is an achievement reserved for the very sad riders who are simply too frightened to get themselves or their bikes wet, cold or dirty.

Now we’ve popped our cherry, look out on Facebook or WhatsApp for the next club instalment of this form of cycling. I may even propose the club awards a trophy for the most successful e-rider of the year in 2020. Any one?

Ride description on Zwift Companion App

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