Café Stop

Café Stop

First, we’d advise you to come along to one of our events. The Saturday social rides are a good place to start, unless you’re already accustomed to riding 50+ miles in a club group. If you’re confident about club riding, you could try the Sunday Club run to get a feel for the club, and to decide if it’s a club that suits you. If in doubt, you can contact the membership secretary, membership(at)bathcc(dot)net, or the Club Captain, clubcaptain(at)bathcc(dot)net, in advance.

You may also wish to read the notes for new members which answers questions relating to club membership.


As a Go-Ride club Bath CC has adopted British Cycling’s policy on Safeguarding & Protecting children, and to comply with this we need a signed parental consent form the first time any rider under age 18 participates in a Bath CC club activity. Additionally riders under 16 years of age must be accompanied by a parent or carer. The parental consent form should be handed by the parent or carer to the ride leader or any other club official before the youth’s first ride. Please contact our membership secretary membership(at) or one of our welfare officers welfare(at) if you have any questions.

Before taking part in Time Trials you must be registered as a member of the Bath CC. New members are normally registered at Committee Meeting held on the first Friday of each month. When new members wish to race earlier than this they should approach a Committee member and ask if, exceptionally, arrangements can be made for earlier registration

Joining and renewing online

The easiest way to join or renew your membership is online through RiderHQ. Please ensure you provide emergency contact details and an accurate email address . If you are in any doubt about which class of membership you need, please contact the membership secretary first. 07854149008 membership(at)

Apply by post

If you would prefer you can download this application form, and send it to the membership secretary.