Bath CC Surpasses Last Year’s Points Total

6 Jun , 2014  


  • Sunday Club Ride is to Stourhead,  National Trust Café.
  • Odd Down racing starts on 10th June.  Bath CC have 10 riders in a field of 40 for the first race.   If you are not riding , please come and support.  Its a great venue for spectators (apart from the wind).
  • Bath CC surpass last years points total.  Still top of BC South standings.
  • Odd Down course is open from 6:30 to sunset every Thursday.  £2.
  • Howard Burton is offering to host a Bath CC trip to Claviers, 15-22 September  2014.  Details below.
  • Congratulations to Gary Sheppard who secured his 2nd Cat license after he finished 5th and 6th in Scorpion CS Stage Race at Ilton.
  • Dan” I get points every time I race  at Castle Combe” Taylor finished 7th in a field of 120 on Thursday night.
  • Unfortunatley the Roman Road Race has had to be cancelled, due to uncertainty with road works.  A big tahnks to Matt Hargreaves for exploring all possibilities and trying to make this happen.
  • A big welcome to our new members Steffi Shelley-Smith, Claire Riou & Richard Sage.

Club Rides

There is a full set of club runs this weekend and  full description  of club rides can be found on the Bath CC website.

Ride leaders would like to remind everyone that:

  • ALWAYS bring at least one spare tube, tyre levers, money, drink, spare food. Runs leaders aren’t your personal domestiques.
  • Check the weather forecast and wear/bring appropriate clothing.
  • Always carry your membership card (in case of accidents, rare as they are).

Ad hoc rides

There are other rides that happen during the week.  The longer slower day rides are organised by the Tuesday social group.  Subscribe to [email protected] by sending an email to [email protected]  to keep up with details.

The faster evening rides tend to be organised by the chain gang group.  Subscribe to [email protected] by sending an email to [email protected] .

Road Racing

Bath CC surpass last years total of 137 points.  Dan Taylor moves up the leaderboard.

1 Gary Sheppard   46

2 Leon Boulton      26

3 David Stoyle       19

4 Daniel Taylor      16

5 Simon Martin      15

6 Jeremy Ash          7

7 Joel Bragg            7

8 Ruan Bester         3

9 Peter Phillips        3

10 Darren Edwards 1

11 Simon Ker          1

Total                       141

David Stoyle at a wet Castle Combe on 29th May.

David Stoyle at a wet Castle Combe on 29th May.

David Stoyle at a wet Castle Combe on 29th May.


Scorpion CS Stage Race

Ruan Bester, Peter Phillips,  and Gary Sheppard took part in the Scorpion Stage race at Ilton on Saturday.

Stage 1 – Circuit race

Stage 2 – Criterium

Stage 3 – Individual time trial

 Gary picked up a 5th and 6th in the first two stages and 14th in the TT to finish 16tth overall.  Not sure how that works, An event to target next year  but with better tactics.

Castle Combe – 5 th June.

The Bath train was back in action in much improved conditions on Thursday evening.  Gary on lead out duty, delivered leon Bolton to the front of the field, ready to unleash his power, when his foot came out of his cleat…….   Dan gobbled up 7th place and Ru just out of the points. The team retired to the Hare and Hounds for a beer and to look forward to Odd Down next Tuesday.



Black rat Sportive

Black Rat Bristol Sportive 3 Bath riders in the top 14.  Hargreaves 5th, Mario Pavan 6th and Graham Wade 14th in the 100 mile event.  Mark Wadey suffered a puncture and there was another Bath Rider but I cant remember his name

Milan San Remo – 8th June

Simon Oddy off to the Milan San Remo Sportive to ride on Sunday 8th.

Dragon Ride 8th June

Jonathon Corp and Mario Pavin doing the 140 mile.

Forest of Dean Classic 13th July

Delayed to the 13th July.  Jonathon Corp entered.

Bike Bath Weekend

Bike Bath is weekend of 28th/29th June, there are 30/ 60 & 100 mile routes on both days. Although the routes might be well known to some of you, it is very well organised event with some great food stops. Also its a great opportunity to promote the club, meet new riders and support local events. Bath CC will receive £5 for every person entered.

 Prudential London Ride 100 August 10th

If you would like to share your planned Audaxes/sportives with other club members, please drop me a line and I will include a list of sportives in which Bath CC members are riding

Training Camps and Holidays

Claviers, 15-22 September  2014

Following the successful club trip in 2012 to Claviers, Howard Burton and Stella Dixon would be delighted to host a second trip to Claviers for riders and partners. Claviers is some 50 miles west of Nice in the Var department and is part of Provence. There is great riding with quiet roads and stunning scenery. Accommodation can be either in chambres d’hôte (B&B), apartments or houses in or near Claviers. Easyjet fly a daily morning return flight to Nice from Bristol. Howard and Stella can arrange pickup from Nice. The proposed dates are Monday 15th to Monday 22nd September 2014. For further information please contact Howard [email protected].com


Darren has confirmed the booking for 3 sessions (unfortunately there wasn’t a suitable time for 1 of the other sessions) and these are:

  • 31 May 12:30 – 13:30
  • 14 June 13:00 – 14:00
  • 21 June 13:00 – 14:00

Darren is giving his time for free, the cost of the sessions will be £3 to contribute to the circuit hire costs.  Any shortfall will be met by the club.

The sessions will be open to Bath CC members first but also their guests, with Bath CC members probably getting a reduced price as an added incentive for the guests to join up! I’m thinking of concentrating on group riding skills, so something along the lines of:

  • week 1 – helmet/clothing/bike safety check, gear selection, riding in pairs
  • week 2 – pedalling, following/leading other riders, changing position in a group
  • week 3 – cycling in contact, riding surrounded by other riders

Don’t worry if these sound too scary or too easy, they’re all about building confidence and skills. I’ve given sessions like these to 8-15 year old riders and they’ve improved massively over just a few weeks. If these session ideas don’t sound suitable, then let me know what you want and I’ll change them to suit. Can you please circulate this email, and get any interested riders to email me on: [email protected]

Club email lists

Bath CC maintains several email lists to help communicate among members, such as [email protected], [email protected] and [email protected]

We have recently had issues with the gmail service in regards to members of these lists with gmail accounts as they are being seen as unsolicited mail and being bounced. Members with gmail accounts may not have being receiving all the mail they should have. To help alleviate this problem please take the following steps when using these lists so that the messages do not look like spam, regardless of your email provider. (It’s general good practice when using lists.)

When replying to a list message please only reply to the list, and not everyone that was addressed. Also, please do not email a long list of people and then include the list address as well. If you want to mail the list, then please just use the list address and no other.

To help gmail unblock us, please also mark any mail from [email protected], [email protected], [email protected], [email protected], and [email protected] as not spam in your email client. If you use the gmail web interface, please have these messages in your primary folder.

If you have any questions, please email [email protected]

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