Odd Down Winter Series

26 Sep , 2015  

Planning is underway for racing at Odd Down this winter, with the following dates and organising clubs listed below:

5 – Bristol RC
12 – Bristol Uni

9 – Radeon
16 – SVCC (youth races)
23 – Bath CC
30 – Ride 24/7

6 – Radeon
13 – Bristol RC
20 – SVCC (youth races)
27 – Bath CC

The racing will be on Saturday afternoons, with the roughly the following format:
11-12 youth (BC points will be awarded)
12-1 coaching for all women at each event (£2 extra, but cost of day licence absorbed by organiser)
1-1:30 women (who’s going to be the first Bath lady to have a try?)
2-2:45 4th cat
3-3:45 2/3 cat  (tough for the 3rds I know, but I hope we’ll have separate category racing during the summer)

Entry fees are £14 online, £20 on the day, so a real incentive to enter online, and prizes will be awarded for each race in each event and given out on the day. The prize pot will be £1 per rider, so the more entries the bigger the prizes. There will also be a series trophy/jersey, exact details are still being worked out.

Bath CC are hosting 2 events, so we need an organiser and 5 marshals for each event, so please start checking your calendars, as we’ve been struggling to get helpers this year. If you plan on racing any of the races, I’d expect you to help out at one of our two events.

I’m really hoping some Bath ladies will take up the offer of the very cheap coaching, and maybe have a go at the racing as well, it’s not nearly as scary as it might look!

Any questions just ask.


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