Bath CC Sunday Club Run

Bath CC Sunday Club Run

Everyone is welcome to come along for the organised club runs, even if you are not a member and want to see how they are before you join. Our main club road rides are:





Midweek, all day riding Relaxed Ladies’ Ride Easy pace and Chaingang Sunday Club Run


Ride Calendar

Each Sunday we normally have three or four groups to cater for different levels of fitness (see below), all leaving from Cleveland Bridge at 8.30 am (9am Dec-Feb).

The rides are typically 55-70 miles in length with average speeds of 14mph upwards.

The ride destinations can be found on this site in the calendar and in the events side bar.

You are free to choose which group you ride with, but if you are not accustom to riding briskly in a club group or you think that a ride of 55 miles could be a bit much, please join our Saturday social rides until you have found your feet/wheels. You’ll enjoy yourself much more riding with people of similar ability and will be able to judge what pace you are comfortable with and learn club riding skills.

Each group has a run / ride leader, who has planned the route & knows which café has been booked for coffee.


Group Average speed Notes
1 17mph+ Competent, fit riders who may compete in road races, time trials, sportifs or Audax events.
2 16mph Competent, fit riders who may be training up for competition, or just enjoy a faster ride.
2 15mph Competent, fit riders who with less competitive goals.
3 14mph Competent fit riders progressing from the Saturday rides.

The ride leaders will note how many riders they have in their group and check periodically to make sure everyone is accounted for, so please let the leader know if you decide to turn off to go home or if you switch group during the ride.

Please don’t ride off the front of the group as there is a risk that you might pass a junction where the ride leader planned to turn off. Hills are the exception to this rule as we all have our own approach climbing. If the group fragments on a hill we will always regroup at the top.

If you stop for any reason, please tell the ride leader. If you can’t get to the ride leader, ask one of the other riders to pass the message on.

If you puncture or have any other problem, someone or the whole group will stay with you to help. Just make sure you let the group know that you have a problem.

Riders are expected to have a rear mud guard fitted (clip on is fine) from when the clocks change in October until they turn again in March. Primarily, this is a a courtesy to your fellow riders and their kit.

The Sunday rides are not competitive. We endeavour to ride at a comfortable pace for everyone in the group. If you want something more challenging, move up a group or join us on the Saturday Chain Gang. During the Summer, there are also lots of opportunities to take part on Time Trials or Road Races.

If you are on the receiving end of a motorist’s aggression, tempting as it may be, try not to retaliate either verbally or with a provocative gesture. The chances are the cyclists come off worst.


Two different all day runs take place:

  • Medium paced run meeting at the beginning of the cycle path, at 9am. Contact Brian Turner [email protected] for more details.

Begining of Bath – Bristol cycle path.

We average 60-80 miles with a coffee or brunch stop aiming to return mid-afternoon.


We have ladies’ rides on the 2nd & 4th Friday each month meeting at Cadence at 9am.
These rides are very relaxed, covering about 40 miles on the 4th Friday of the month and 20 miles on the 2nd Friday.
Contact [email protected] to be added to the Email list.


On Saturday we have the Saturday chaingang and the Easy Pace Ride.


A more formal training ride at a faster pace. There are one or two groups depending on demand and numbers. There is always a faster paced group with a second available if warranted.

  • First group (based on demand) leaving at 8:50am, with an average speed ~19-20mph.
  • Second group leaving at 9:00am, with an average speed ~21-22mph.

The route stays the same, and is a ~42mile circuit with no stops. A map can be found here, we would advise riders to study this route in advance, as the groups will not wait if you get dropped.

The groups use a more formal riding style than the other club runs, a style known as a “chain gang”. In the chain gang the riders form two lines, a faster line (typically on the outside) and a slower line. Riders in the faster line, on reaching the front of the slower line, pull across to the head of the slower line, and ease up to the pace of the slower line. Riders in the slow line, on reaching the back of the fast line, pull out to join the fast line. This slowly rotates the riders which lead the group, and spreads the effort between the group. Riders which are having difficulty maintaining the speed of the group have the option of staying at the back of the slow line, which means they spend no time leading the group, and so save the extra effort required to lead.

After the ride, get together at The Chelsea Café, opposite Cadence.

Saturday Morning Easy Pace Ride

A more relaxed pace ride. The ride will start at Cadence Bike shop in Chelsea Road and follow the same 40km route each week. The format will be to ride at your own pace with a stop in Pucklechurch to regroup. There will be one ride leader to show the way and one at the back to make sure no one gets into trouble.

Meet at Cadence Bike Shop to leave at 9:15 (Chelsea Road, BA1 3PP). Map.

The route follows the Bath to Bristol Bike Cycle path to Shortwood before climbing Shortwood Hill to the B4465, then dropping down to Pucklechurch. The route then leaves Pucklechurch towards Hinton before turning right to Doynton and Wick before rejoining the cycle path near Oldland Common. The route is 40km long and more details can be found here.

We will aim to be back in approx 2hrs and meet at Chelsea Rd Cafe for a coffee and a well earned cake.

There is now also a slightly longer option for those who want more of a challenge, going 65km, an example route being found here. The ride follows a different route each week with a coffee stop half way round. The route is decided at the start to suit the preferences of the riders & the wind direction. Average speed 20-22kph depending on the terrain, ability of the riders & weather conditions.  The aim is to be back at 1:30. An example of one of the flatter routes can be found here. Other popular destinations are Allington, Tortworth, Sherston & Bishop Sutton

The mantra for both these rides is that we start together, finish together and still want to ride together again next week.

If you are new to the club, please speak to the ride leader and complete a guest card. A supply is kept in the Bike shop

The ride is open to anyone, but as for insurance reasons we will ask you to join the club after 3 runs.

We would ask any Under 18s to fill in the parental consent form, copies will be available at Cadence bike shop, and Under 16s to be accompanied by a parent/guardian.